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Did you know that I write things besides movie reviews? Well, now you do. If you’re interested in checking out some more of my stuff (and really, why wouldn’t you be?), here are some links.


I’ve finished three books so far, and the latest, a science fiction novel called Born Yesterday about a teenage fighter pilot from the future who grew up in the 1940s with no knowledge of where she came from, got me chosen for the Nova Scotia Writer’s Federation Mentorship Program. Here’s the interview I did about the program.

Unobtanium, a YA novel about a set of mountain biking twins who travel to the world championships in France to meet the mother who left them as babies, recently placed second in the 35th Annual Atlantic Writing Competition.

Short Stories

“Hair Trigger,” a short story about a starfighter pilot with anger issues and a nuclear bomb to defuse comes out in late 2014 as part of Third Person Press’s Flashpoint anthology – the fourth in the Speculative Elements series (keep reading to hear about the rest of it) Check out the Indiegogo page to pre-order a copy.

kisses by clockwork
“Lady Presto Magnifico and the Disappearing Glass Ceiling,” was published in Kisses by Clockwork, a steampunk romance anthology from Ticonderoga Publications, in June of 2014. It’s about a struggling female magician whose magic tricks have caught the attention of an agent of the Crown… and its enemies. Buy a paperback copy from The Book Depository.

future embodied
“Autoimmune,” a short story about a middle aged epidemiologist tracking down the source of a virus in a future world where diseases are supposed to be obsolete thanks to computerized immune systems, was published in April 2014 as part of the Future Embodied anthology by Simian Press. You can buy a print or ebook copy from Amazon.

grey area cover

“Grey Area” was published in October 2013 in the Grey Area anthology (they liked my title so much they used it for the whole book) by Third Person Press. “Grey Area” is about a compulsive gambler who turns his life around… after he dies. You can order a print or ebook copy from the Third Person Press catalog.

“Me and My Army of Me,” which is about a teenaged inventor who solves his bullying problem with science, in the YA anthology Futuredaze by Underwords Press. Check it out. It has cartoons. You can buy the book on Amazon in either print or ebook format.

I also have a story in Tesseracts 15 one of the anthologies in a themed series from EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy. This anthology is young adult themed and my story is called “A+ Brain.” It’s about a slacker high school student who gets a brain transplant. It released September 2011. You can order it from Amazon or Chapters Indigo.

The first volume in the Speculative Elements series by Third Person Press, Undercurrents, contains “Improbable Mission Force.” It’s about a misfit pilot who’s punished by being put in charge of a whole squadron of misfit pilots. You can buy it on Amazon

The second volume, called Airborne contains my story “The Wild Helicopters of the Australian Outback.” It involves (among other things) helicopters that act like a cross between dogs, wild horses, and hummingbirds, aerial wind turbines, car-sized airships, and people living in a floating ranch. You can buy a copy on Amazon.

The third volume, Unearthed, features my story “One Word,” which is an escape story about a prisoner in an ice mine on the moon. You can order a copy from Amazon. Alternatively you can order any of the speculative elements books directly from the publisher. They have very reasonably priced e-book versions.

carousel 23
“Operation Triangle,” a goofy alternate-structure short story about a CIA operative on a really expensive mission to stop an evil doctor from releasing a gas that makes people gay, was published in Volume 23 of Carousel magazine. You can see my credit and order a back issue here.


As you might guess from my having attended film school, I’ve got a lot of screenplays stored on my computer’s hard drive. Every once in a while, if I can find a screenwriting contest with a category that looks like a likely fit for one of them, I’ll send it in. Two of them have done rather well out of it. I’ve also had a couple of shorts produced.

iBrain, a short film I wrote with my director/producer/sound engineer brother Dennis was produced by the Blue Flame Collective and premiered at the 2013 Film North Film Festival. It’s a comedy about a librarian whose boyfriend is among the first to test the new iPhone, which is surgically implanted in your brain.

Dennis and I have also collaborated on a spy comedy called Double Crossed, which will come out… soon… somewhere.

The feature adaptation of my short story The Wild Helicopters of the Outback took first place in the 5th Annual Story Pros Awards.

Coast Guards, a family animation script about seagulls who have their own coast guard, was a Top Ten Finalist in the 2013 Final Draft Big Break Awards it was also #8 in the Red Inkworks Contest for 2009, a finalist in the 2nd Annual Story Pros Contest, and a quarter finalist in the 2009 Page International Contest. It also made it through to the final round of MARZA Story Circus.

Killed in Action, an action script (obviously), about a Navy SEAL who tracks down the mole that got his team killed in Afghanistan, was a finalist in the 2008 Screenplay Festival contest and a preliminary round finalist in the Creative World Awards contest for 2009.

My short script “The Killer Killing” (that I wrote for school), about a terrible writer who accidentally kills somebody, was shortlisted for the VFS Presents contest while I was in school and finished in the top 50 in the 2009 Canadian Short Screenplay contest.

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