Top 5 Horror Movies That Could Really Happen


It’s almost Halloween and this week’s new releases were pretty underwhelming. None of them were even horror movies! Being poor, I’m into voting with my wallet, so I decided to save money and do another list instead of subjecting myself to a movie I knew I wouldn’t like. This list is all about horrifying things that are actually real and could really happen to you (so no vampires, aliens, giant monsters, sharks inside a tornado, etc.) not all of the movies on here are technically horror movies, but I really liked each one and they all contain at least one scene that I wished I could un-see. If you’re a horror fan and you’ve already seen all the good horror movies, or if you’re just looking for new ideas for your Halloween party, maybe this will help you broaden your horizons and/or scar yourself for life.




28 days later DISEASES

My favorite disease movie is actually Outbreak, but as horrifying as bleeding from every orifice is, at least Lassa fever victims didn’t get up and run around trying to infect you. So I have to pick 28 Days Later as the most horrifying disease movie. It’s about a guy who wakes up 28 days after a virus outbreak that turned everyone into murderous nutcases (NOT zombies, not really) and forced the world to quarantine his whole country. The fast-running murderous nutjobs were pretty scary, but the most horrifying moment for me was when one of the characters looked up and got an infected blood drip right in the eye. Nooooo! Runner up pick in this category is the remake ofThe Crazies, mostly for that scene with the runaway bone saw.

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Thanks to TV shows like Criminal Minds and thousands of true crime books, millions of people worldwide have to check all their doors, windows, closets, cupboards, etc. before going to bed for fear that there’s a stranger lurking around waiting to kill them. Somehow the much more likely possibility (that you will be murdered by someone you know) isn’t quite as scary. There are lots of great serial killer movies, but my top pick is going to have to be Hannibal. It’s not because it’s the best film (or even the best film in that series). It’s because it features a scene where the titular serial killer (who is being hunted by both police and his own crazed ex-victim) feeds one of the characters his own brain. Runner up is The Bone Collector, for the scene where a quadriplegic ex-cop faces off with the murderer he’s been hunting over the phone.

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dantes peak

It seems like every other day, our own planet tries to kill us. Earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, land slides, tornadoes, and ice storms are all majorly scary (and totally real – just watch the news). There are lots of these movies to choose from but if I’m making my choices based on most horrifying scenes, top pick has to go to Dante’s Peak. It’s about a vulcanologist who goes to a small American town hoping to clear it out before a predicted eruption. For those of you who scoff at driving a truck over lava, I say to you: GRANDMA’S LEGS IN A LAKE OF ACID. That is all. Runner up pick is The Day After Tomorrow, not for realism but for the whirly coldy vortex that made me wear mittens in my living room.

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Space may be pretty, but it sure as hell isn’t friendly, even when there aren’t murderous aliens running around on your ship. It’s alternately burning hot and freezing cold, depending on whether you’re on the sun side or not, and one tiny pinprick hole in your capsule/suit could make your lungs explode. Also it’s really really really big, so if you’re lost, like in Gravity, you are utterly screwed. Gravity is still in theaters and is about an astronaut who gets lost in orbit after debris destroys her shuttle. It’s endlessly horrifying because of constant untethered floating and high speed shrapnel clouds. Runner up in the ‘death in space’ category goes to Danny Boyle’s Sunshine, for the scene where a character fries himself under the full power of the sun.

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As much as we humans don’t like sharing ‘our’ planet with other creatures, we’d can’t avoid it. And when animals decide they’ve had enough of us and our non-sharing, we REALLY can’t avoid it. Things like bears, coyotes, sharks, and killer bees attack people all the time. Jaws would be the obvious pick here, but my personal favorite is an Australian movie called Rogue, which is about a boat full of tourists who get trapped on a tidal island by a humungous crocodile. It’s full of tense horrifying moments, but none quite as bad as the one with the dog :(. Runner up in this category would have to be Arachnophobia, because the only thing more horrifying than finding one spider in the shower is finding LOTS of spiders in the shower.

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