Trailer Reviews for November 2, 2012


This movie’s setting reminds me of Reboot. Does anyone else remember that show? They lived in a computer and had to play as NPCs in games that descended on them out of nowhere or they died. It’s a little different, obviously, because they have their own games, but I like the idea of trying to get out of a life path that’s been set for you. Actually my Nanowrimo novel for this year has that theme too. Anyway, I love Disney movies, so I would have gone to this movie regardless, but I’m so pumped to see a bunch of my favorite video game characters! I was recognizing people all over the place – Sonic the Hedgehog, Bowser, PacMan, M.Bison, Q-bert…. they’ve even got Jane Lynch’s character as sort of a cross between Samus Aran and the Master Chief. I can’t wait!


This movie is obviously based on that crash from 2009 that they call “Miracle on the Hudson” because the Captain, “Sully” Sullenberger, managed to land an airbus on the water without sinking or breaking apart and everyone was calling him a hero, saying no one else could have pulled it off. With, obviously, the twist that “the man” is trying to get not-Sully in trouble for being drunk or something so Denzel Washington can get mad and yell at everyone (it seems to be his trademark). It sounds like an interesting story – I might have seen it if Wreck It Ralph wasn’t also opening this week. But there’s one thing that bothers me – they show Whittaker rolling the plane… how in the hell would that possibly be required for a landing? Were they half rolled over and they only had the one aileron so they had to keep going? It just doesn’t seem very logical.


Okay… what is this movie even about? Besides flying severed eyeballs and blood spatter? So there are a bunch of people… and they’re in what looks like a brothel… and there’s some money in a box… and everyone wants the money… so they kill each other for it. And then Colossus from the X-Men shows up… and does… something. This is what the movie looks like to me. A pointless exercise in sex and violence. At least when Tarantino does his own films he’s generally got some sort of a point (revenge, more revenge, lots of revenge, etc.) but this just has nothing. I don’t mind blood and violence if there’s a story or a message or something, but I don’t want to watch it for it’s own sake. I’m skipping this one.


I saw the words “poignant autobiographical writings” and “poet” in the blurb and went: oh no, this movie is going to be boring, pointless, and pretentious. And then I watched the trailer. I was immediately hooked when I found out he was paralyzed and then he cracked me up with all his snappy dialogue. So I’d like to see this movie. I’m especially interested to see how this guy carries a whole performance lying prone. I suspect there’s more great dialogue.

Also, if you’re in Sydney on Thursday, November 1 at 7pm you can catch the Cape Breton Film Series showing of Les Intouchables, a cute French comedy/drama about a paralyzed guy and his badass assistant. You can check out the trailer review here.

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