Trailer Reviews for October 26, 2012


Man, I really want to see this movie. It reminds me a lot of Tomorrow and Tomorrow, an awesome sci-fi book by Charles Sheffield about a man who puts himself and his wife (who has a terminal disease) into cryosleep and keeps being woken up over and over in different (crazy) periods of future history without getting to cure his wife. Obviously it’s not EXACTLY like that because there’s a song and they’re being reincarnated or something, but still, it’s really cool looking. The Wachowski brothers’ involvement could be either a good thing (see The Matrix) or a bad thing (see The Matrix Reloaded), so this movie will either turn out to be epically awesome or pretentious and confusing. I’d love to find out this week, but I’m going to be away, so it will have to wait. Possibly a long time.


Crap! What a weekend to be away! I want to see this movie too. I have a secret weakness for surfing movies even though I would probably be the worst surfer ever due to my lack of balance and (completely healthy) fear of water walls the size of apartment buildings. Anyway – I went to see Soul Surfer because I wanted an inspiring surfing story, but I was put off by all the god stuff. Maybe this movie will be what I was expecting. Inspiring without being, well, preachy. Plus it’ll be awesome to see those huge waves on screen. Gotta love modern movemaking. They can stick a camera just about anywhere (and get it back again… that’s the important part).


This movie has the same plot as A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas – the part where they lose the baby. But it’s set during Halloween so at least it can corner the holiday market (kinda like Harold and Kumar Christmas). This movie hits all the necessary teen genre points – teens who look like they’re in their late 20s (it’s not far off – Thomas McDonnell, who plays the hot boy, is 26), obligatory Converse sneaker plugs, desperate acts committed in the name of attracting the attention of those more popular, and “nerds” who actually do things for fun instead of committing the aforementioned desperate acts. Slap some Halloween costumes on it, call the Homecoming party a Halloween party, and you’ve got a Halloween movie! (no thanks)


The Silent Hill video games are known for their quietly horrifying atmosphere which morphs, by the end of the game, into a bat-poo crazy fever dream featuring living banana peels and people with triangles for heads. This movie looks like it’s following suit, though this time I started off feeling confused because the main character is apparently not Michelle Williams and Sean Bean is her father, not her husband (NOT the impression I got, but whatever). Her “father” disappears, she goes to a quiet, creepy town, but soon there are mystical symbols and cults and people with triangles for heads. Personally, I’d find it scarier if they dispensed with all the triangles and cults and kept on with the snow and ash in the empty town.


Let me just start out by saying that no, this movie has nothing to do with the Nintendo game we all played as kids. I know. I was disappointed too. I thought Zac Efron would be the logical choice for the pixelated kid on the bike. But I digress. Let’s talk about THIS movie now. First off – ew. Those shorts? Just ew. Secondly – OMG, DANNY!! I’ve missed you since that horrible thing we shall not speak of happened to you on MI-5 (Spooks if you’re British). The trailer starts off like one of those Erin Brockovich type movies where some do-gooder civilians are righting a wrong, but it quickly devolved into sordidness and then they give away the ending by telling us that not only is Hillary out of jail, but he’s also a psycho killer. Thanks. Now I don’t have to bother going to the movie.

Also, if you’re in Sydney on Thursday, October 26 at 7pm you can catch the Cape Breton Film Series showing of Laurence Anyways a Quebec film about a man who struggles to keep his family and his girlfriend after he decides to live life as a woman. You can check out the trailer on their website.

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