DVDs for Sept 6, 2011

X-Men First Class

I’m usually too cheap to buy DVDs until they’re relegated to the $5 bin, but I love X-Men First Class so much that I’m going to go out immediately and buy the superfancy shiny box edition with lots of special features. This is easily the best of the X-Men films and you don’t even need to be a comic book fan to like it, because at its heart it’s a friendship tragedy about two guys (James MacAvoy and Michael Fassbender) with superpowers who have differing views on how to deal with the normal people who are persecuting them… during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Rent it. Now. You can check out the full review first if you like.

Buy X-Men First Class on DVD or on Blu-Ray.



In a way, Hanna was trying to achieve the same thing as X-Men First Class: inject character depth into an action movie. It didn’t succeed nearly as well. The logic is outlandish at best, Saoirse Ronan comes off as blankly psychotic and her father, played by Eric Bana, seems heartless for training her to be a killer then unleashing her (alone) on their enemy. It isn’t bad – the action scenes are pretty awesome, especially considering the ass-kicking hero is a fourteen year old girl – but it isn’t the best action movie I’ve seen this year either. Give it a chance, just don’t expect anything profound from it. You can read the full review here.

Buy Hanna on DVD or on Blu-Ray.

Last Night

Usually I make it a point to see all of Sam Worthington’s movies, but I missed this one because it never came anywhere near our theater. I have to say the subject matter doesn’t interest me at all. Adultery? Again? There must be fifty dramas out this year alone about a character fighting the temptation to cheat on his/her partner. The only difference with this movie is that they’re BOTH tempted at the same time, which seems extra unlikely. But I’ll rent it. If you’re into depressing movies you might want to as well, just be aware that it’s probably not the best thing to get for date night.

Buy Last Night on DVD or on Blu-Ray.

Everything Must Go

This is another one of those movies where Will Ferrell tries not to be so Will Ferrell-y (think Stranger Than Fiction) and because of that I didn’t immediately reject it offhand. Instead of an over the top doofus, he plays a guy who loses his job and gets kicked out by his wife on the same day, forcing him to live on his lawn with all the stuff she chucked out and have a big yard sale as a symbolic way of starting over. It’s funny, but not in the usual man-child Will Ferrell way. More in an “I have actual functioning brain cells” way. Check it out if you liked Stranger Than Fiction or any of the more subtle indie type comedies (The Kids Are Alright, Our Idiot Brother, etc.)

Buy Everything Must Go on DVD or on Blu-Ray.

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