Trailer Reviews for September 2, 2011


I was terribly afraid that our theater wasn’t going to get this one, but I’m relieved to note that it’s been on the schedule since Wednesday. Plot wise The Debt is like Munich, with a handful of Israeli commandos ruthlessly hunting down a person who did a bad thing (in Munich it was kill athletes at the 1972 Olympics, this time it’s perform horrible experiments on concentration camp prisoners). That alone would be enough to interest me, but add in the fact that there are a bunch of awesome people I like in it (Sam Worthington, Helen Mirren, Ciaran Hinds, Marton Csokas) and the whole “something we’ve done has come back to haunt us” future mystery element and I’m just dying to see this movie.


Oooh, goodie. This movie is finally coming out. It was supposed to come out ages ago but they kept pushing it back. It’s pretty much just The Blair Witch Project on the moon, but of course I’m a big sucker for it because it’s sci-fi. It looks like they went to a lot of effort to match the look of the actual Apollo footage from the 1970s, even the quality, which bodes well for the movie being good. They also didn’t give away the scary thing right there in the trailer so there will actually be an element of suspense when you go to watch it for real. It’s a well put together trailer, and I’m looking forward to seeing the full film.


Oh dear. It looks like Shark Night could learn a few things about tension and pacing from Apollo 18. Here’s a tip, Shark Night: showing the monster in the trailer instantly robs your film of all suspense. And by the by, you should also know that adding 3D doesn’t miraculously make a cliché into something fresh. Especially not when you’re ripping off both Jaws AND Saw. It’s hard to express the depth of my disinterest in this movie, but I’ll try. I wouldn’t even bother with this movie if it was on TV for free and all the other channels were experiencing technical malfunction. I’d rather read a book. Or clean my apartment.


Okay… so this is a documentary? It’s kind of the same thing as that one where Ewan McGregor and his buddy went around the world on their motorcycles… except it’s Steve Coogan, and they’re not really going anywhere or experiencing any privations except as related to eating very fancy food (i.e. none). AND his friend does impressions (constantly, if the trailer is any clue). I’m sorry, I like Steve Coogan, but this film seems like it would be mildly amusing at best, and at worst, downright annoying. I might give it a chance on some far future date when it’s in the library and everything else that’s left stars Nicholas Cage.


Cool. The title leaves something to be desired – there have been at least half a dozen films by that name – but Rachel Weiss plus explosively dramatic subject matter equals a solid bet. The whole concept of diplomatic immunity drives me absolutely crazy – there’s just so much potential for abuse. I’ve seen it dealt with in a couple episodes of CSI: New York but it’s nice to see a whole film dealing with its ramifications. The kicker of course is that it’s based on a true story, which is a shame because it really casts everyone, including the people who have gone overseas to be good and brave and honest and forthright, in a bad light.

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