Favorite Harry Potter Characters

Severus Snape

Played by: Alan Rickman

I can’t delve too deeply into why I love Snape the best out of any of the Harry Potter characters without spoiling The Deathly Hallows Part 2 on you, but suffice it to say I always believed there was more to Snape than what you could see on the surface. It’s easy to be a hero when everyone’s patting you on the back for it, but when you’re universally reviled (even by yourself) and you still keep doing the right thing, even though no one can know, that’s the most impressive thing in the world.

Nymphadora Tonks

Played by: Natalia Tena

J.K. Rowling does take pains to put witches and wizards on footing that is theoretically equal, but the one problem I have with Harry Potter is that the male characters have twice as much impact on the story as the female ones. Tonks is a character who deserves a story all her own. She can change her appearance at will, is a badass Auror with a great sense of humor, and has a really cute love affair with a shabby werewolf.

Remus Lupin

Played by: David Thewlis

For a while Sirius Black was my favorite because he was flashier, brasher, and more obvious in his concern for Harry, but as the series wore Lupin grew on me. Afflicted with lycanthropy from an early age, he dealt with it with quiet resolve, patience, good humor, and solid logic. Though a little ragged in appearance, there’s nothing shabby about his understated dedication to the people he cares about, particularly Harry, who is not even formally tied to him in any way, and Tonks.

Lily Evans-Potter

Played by: Ellie Darcey-Alden, Susie Shinner, and Geraldine Somerville

Lily never actually appears in the stories, but I really feel like flashback segments and secondhand stories us enough information for her to feel real. She was a sweet kid, willing to befriend the bitter freaks and intolerant of any sort of bullying, even from her own friends. She grew into a mom so dedicated she imbued her son with a special magic that saved his life even as it cost her her own. I’d say her character (if not her fate) is something to admire, wouldn’t you?

Neville Longbottom

Played by: Matthew Lewis

Neville is the character I would have focused on if I was writing a children’s story in the Harry Potter world. A clumsy, underappreciated nobody, Neville comes through again and again in battle despite his fear. His parents were tortured into insanity by Death Eaters, leaving Neville quiet but intensely loyal. He runs an underground resistance movement after Hogwarts is captured. He is the boy who could have been Harry Potter if anyone had bothered to pay attention to him at any point in his life.

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One Response to: Favorite Harry Potter Characters

You have a great top 5. If I had to pick only five I’d certainly include Snape and probably Tonks and Remus. There are just so many to pick from. It’s sad that Rowling chose not to continue the series, and I hope she changes her mind.

I’ve got a poll up on my blog of favorite HP characters with a wide variety of choices right down to Dobby, Wormtail, and Barty Crouch jr. I invite all to come on over and participate.


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