Trailer Reviews for May 27, 2011


Like Final Destination, The Hangover isn’t a movie you can really make sequels to. You can only repeat the same basic plot, but with slightly different situations and characters. Sequels aren’t sequels, they’re remakes. I saw and liked the first one, but no matter what they do in this one, it’s not going to hit the same chord, because the surprise factor of them forgetting everything is gone. They’re also going over a lot of familiar comedic ground – a permanent disfigurement to Stu’s face, a random animal in the hotel room, a missing character, checking the pockets for clues… it’s essentially just the same movie. No doubt they were wary of changing too much for fear of not sucking up as much money as the last one. It doesn’t deserve to be as successful as the first, but the sad fact is that it probably will be.


I am not a Jack Black fan. He’s a clone, always playing the same character (and that character is usually Jack Black). Normally I would avoid his movies like the plague (The Holiday is the only exception) but cartoons offer a certain amount of distance between the actor and the movie, so it’s possible (but unlikely) that I could like Kung Fu Panda. The fact that Po is fat, slobby, and stupid (i.e. a panda version of Jack Black) does not make me hopeful, however. The “beware the signs” and “my old enemy” jokes actually made me laugh, which is more than I can say for anything in the Hangover trailer. So I may have a tough call this week: choose the popular movie or the cartoon? Maybe I’ll watch the first Kung Fu Panda tonight to help me decide.


Okay… what? Whose idea was this? And why did Mel Gibson and Jodi Foster agree to be in it? And Anton Yelchin. That kid is good. I bet Mel Gibson just wanted to practice his fake British accent and play with a beaver puppet that looks like it would give Tetanus to anyone who touched it. But what about the rest of them? This premise… it’s like a whole movie about Mr. Garrison and Mr. Hat from South Park with all the comedy taken out of it combined with those million and a half “depressed guy and his family” movies independent filmmakers churn out in a year. Oh, and the title makes it sound like a porno. The sad thing is, I’d probably see it if it was coming to my theater, given that my other choices are The Hangover Part 2 and Kung Fu Panda 2. At least this one isn’t a sequel.

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