Trailer Reviews for May 13, 2011


Who says crude humor is only for men? This movie is like the female comedians’ response to The Hangover, complete with the Vegas connection. I never particularly liked Kristin Wiig while she was on SNL, but she seems to have done rather well for herself. Better even than Maya Rudolph, who was more popular than she was on SNL but now just tags along behind her and takes secondary roles in her movies. Though I applaud the existence of this movie, I can’t say that it really interests me at all. Kristin Wiig is awkward and weird. The boyfriends are all boring looking. And I hate jokes related to bodily fluids. But if these things float your boat, hey, then it’s worth $11.50, right?


Paul Bettany, haven’t you already made one ill-advised foray into the world of badly written apocalyptic horror-action films featuring the Christian religion? (Remember Legion? I wish I didn’t.) Are you starting a collection? Or is the prospect of simultaneously ripping off Batman, Blade Runner, and Equilibrium what appealed to you? I experienced no surprise when I learned that this movie was based on a graphic novel, because it is utterly ridiculous. A bald-headed monk with a giant cross tattooed on his face gets in a slow motion karate fight with a cowboy? Give me a break. Producers, I know you want to capitalize on the recent success of vampire related things and comic book movies, but is this really the best way to do it? I predict ten seconds of public attention, and then a rapid slide into obscurity.


Dammit, I knew I should have kept the Awesome List a secret. Someone’s definitely taking advantage of it. I would never watch a movie like this if it weren’t for Sam Worthington (although Keira Knightly is very close to being on the Awesome List herself). What’s he even doing in this movie when he can do pretty much whatever he wants by this point? Actors (and writers and directors) always seem to be fascinated by adultery. There are an awful lot of dramas where the central question is: “to cheat or not to cheat?” and most of them have managed to attract star casts. Maybe it’s their way of exorcising their demons or something. There’s Unfaithful, The Other Boleyn Girl, American Beauty, The Graduate, etc. etc. and of course, Closer, which is pretty much the same movie as this one. I never like characters who cheat, and I don’t sympathize with their “conflict.” Maybe I’ll get out of having to watch this one. It’s very unlikely my theater will even get it anyway.

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