Trailer Reviews for November 12, 2010

Coming out this weekend: Morning Glory, Skyline, Unstoppable, Monsters, Inside Job, and Stone. Plus the Cape Breton Island Film Series also is showing Kisses.


Why this movie is coming out on a Wednesday instead of a Friday is beyond me. It cannot hope to set any sort of record for opening weekend take, as it is not a sequel, a big budget action movie, or a 3D extravaganza. It is, however, a funny, engaging comedy-drama produced by JJ Abrams that is filled with all-star actors. So there is some reason for fuss. Rachael McAdams, Harrison Ford, Dianne Keaton, Jeff Goldblum, Patrick Wilson, the list goes on and on. They (thankfully) didn’t give away the entire thing in the trailer, so there’s something left for the full movie to contribute. And it’s got to be good. How else would all these awesome people come to be involved otherwise? Space radiation?


And speaking of space radiation, here’s another alien invasion movie. There have been a lot of them over the years: Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Independence Day, The Day the Earth Stood Still, War of the Worlds, etc. There’s even a couple of TV shows on the bandwagon right now. The posters for Skyline look cool but I’ve watched both trailers and the only thing that’s in any way different is the “look at the light, turn funny in the face” thing. This, along with the “trying to escape the city” thing, makes it more like a zombie movie. If there are some gasp-worthy revelations and air combat, it could be cool, but if they spend the whole time screaming and running around on the ground I’m not interested.


There’s a train. And it can’t stop. And it’s liable to explode. So basically it’s Speed, but with a train instead of a bus (or the oh-so-memorable cruise ship from Speed 2). Is it just me, or does this seem kind of boring to you? It’s supposed to be an action movie, and they’re portraying Denzel Washington and Chris Pine’s train engineer characters like they’re freaking fighter pilots or something, but who are they kidding? Trains travel in straight lines. They cannot turn. They can be easily diverted by flipping a switch further down the track. I don’t see how their premise makes any sense. They pretty much HAVE to say “based on a true story” or everyone would go: “no, that’s stupid, that would never happen.” It had better be pretty damn exciting if they want to make up for this inherent stupidity of premise.


Ho hum, another monster movie. This time the reason there are monsters is that a space probe crashed. It’s like The Andromeda Strain, except the microorganism creates monsters that kill humans instead of directly killing humans, so there’s an extra step in the process. That hardly qualifies it as “utterly unique and original.” It’s a town, there are some people, things are trying to kill them, they try to escape, some of them die. Ho hum, been there, done that. The only thing that really qualifies as different is that it’s set in Mexico instead of the United States. Will Americans even watch it? My guess is that they probably will, because a monster infestation seems like a good excuse for an invasion – hence all the planes and tanks (that Mexico cannot afford) in the trailer.


Finance is extremely boring to the average person, which is how so many “financial planners” manage to con people out of their life savings. No one wants to really think about how money works. They just believe the guys in suits when they start talking mumbo jumbo. But given how disastrously this has worked out, especially in the United States, maybe its time we started actually thinking about it. This movie is a good place to start, because though it is about finance, it’s also about robbery. And I think everyone can agree that they don’t like being stolen from. If this documentary is still too boring for you, go and watch The Other Guys. The case they’re working on is about the same stuff.


The CB Film series movie this week is Kisses. The trailer was pretty short, but those kids look cute and it got picked for a bunch of film festivals, so I guess it must be decent. Though it does seem like they spend a lot of time almost getting kidnapped. Is Dublin like the vacation destination for retired child-nappers or something? They mix up black and white and color as a statement, so I guess it’s pretty arty. Could go either way.

For some reason, I’ve talked about Stone already before. Click here to read what I said about it and watch the trailer.

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2 Responses to Trailer Reviews for November 12, 2010

I pre-screened Morning Glory on Monday and I can actually see why they are releasing on a Wednesday. It’s a really delightful, crowd-pleasing and intelligent comedy that will generate strong word of mouth. It will not be a juggernaut at the box office but it will hold up well week-over-week at the box office.

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