Unusual Uses for Socks and the Website Gets a New Feature

the future of stephen moyer's modesty sock from true blood

Usually on Friday I write something really insightful about something I saw on the internet. Though it was tempting to make some hilarious comments about the fact that people are actually competing to buy Stephen Moyer’s “modesty sock” from his nude scenes on True Blood (what does one do with a penis sock, anyway? Shadowbox it and hang it over the mantle?) but I stopped myself because that would be too easy. (And speaking of easy, if you’re only wearing a sock, and it’s not on your foot, you can pretty much stop calling yourself ‘modest’ and –) Hey! Stop that at once! We are not talking about genital coverings today! (So what kind of sock is it? A tube sock? A an ankle so–) No! Dammit. This is so hard! (Get it?) Argh!!

Anyway so I thought instead of making such crude and tasteless jokes (You could sew flappy ears on it and call it an elephant puppet) that I’d draw your attention to the fact that for the last week and a half or so I’ve been working on a new feature for the website. Look, you can see it on the nav bar there…. up the top of the screen… no, above the photo… no, under the logo thing… yeah, it’s that tab on the end that says “Review Library.”

You see, I watch way too many movies to review them all the long way with the pictures and everything, but I figured I’d share my opinions on them all anyway (you’re welcome), but shorter. Like in a paragraph. And with the poster and who’s in it and what it’s about in there too, you can use it to pick out what movie you want to watch if you’re renting some DVDs.

There are about twenty of these mini reviews up right now, and I’ll be adding more whenever I get time. Some of them are for newish movies that are still in the theaters, like The Other Guys or Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and some of them are for movies that are on DVD but you probably haven’t even heard of, like Moon (which is awesome) and No Vacancy (which is not). So go check them out.

Anyway, now I have to go. I have to get down to the theater and back post haste if I want to see a movie before Hurricane Earl gets here and blows me to Newfoundland.

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