Trailer Reviews and Predictions for August 6th, 2010

If you’re looking to see a new movie in theaters this weekend, you’ve got three choices: Flipped, Step Up 3D, and The Other Guys: a sort of kids’ movie, a dancing movie, and yet another one of those “two cops who don’t get along” movies. Whether any of them are worth your time/money remains to be seen.


Okay, so Flipped is less of a kids’ movie than it is a nostalgia movie for adults. That’s why it’s (seemingly arbitrarily) set in the 50s, when the filmmakers were young, instead of now, when actual kids are young. It still looks cute though. Those two kids (Madeline Carroll, who was really good in Swing Vote and Callan McAuliffe, whom I’ve never heard of before) are just adorable. I just hope the “flipping” of the boy’s opinion on girls isn’t something that happens at the END of the movie, seeing as how it’s the whole point. This trailer could either be a good one that gives away just enough or a bad one that shows the whole thing depending on when the flip happens. I guess we just have to trust that Rob Reiner knows what he’s doing.


“Now in 3-D for no reason other than it’s cool!”
“With hot new tracks by a bunch of bands you’ve never heard of, because you’re old and out of the loop!”
That’s fine, I can honestly say this is not a loop I want to be in. The dance moves are neat looking I guess but I hate the music and the story/dialogue in these movies is always a) painfully clichéd and clunky and b) trying way too hard to be “hip”. Both of the main characters in this movie look like they’re well on their way to thirty, especially the girl. I hope they’re not going to try and convince us that these people are all teenagers. I am ashamed to admit I’ve actually seen the first two Step Up movies (and not entirely because my friends dragged me) but this trailer effectively killed my morbid fascination with the series. I have no desire to see this one, even for free.


This is the second of two “pair of cops who suck” movies coming out this year (the other one being Kevin Smith’s Cop Out), and it looks just as unfunny as the previous one. I only like Will Ferrell in some of his roles, because I don’t think the one character he plays over and over is funny in and of itself. I do like Mark Wahlberg, but he’s mostly just there so Will Ferrell isn’t talking to himself all the time. I’d like to see Wahlberg carry a comedy on his own. I think he could do it. Steve Coogan is in here too, but I doubt he gets to do much other than get thrown around. Some of the material in here doesn’t look too bad, but I’d only have seen it if they picked a frontman other than Will Ferrell.

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