Sammy Needs A Hug

Even bad asses have bad days… especially if they’re on BSG

For those of you who haven’t yet seen the episode “Faith” of Battlestar Galactica, DON’T click on the link.

However, if you HAVE seen it, or don’t INTEND to see it, click away.

Poor Sam Anders is having a rough day.

It’s hard enough being a Cylon living in secret…

… where he wants to be himself (ass-kicking Viper pilot/freedom fighter/famous Pyramid player) but doesn’t know if he’s going to blast all his friends out of nowhere some day.

But now he’s on a secret mission on a stinky sewage ship where everyone keeps freaking out and manhandling his wife…

… so he’s gotta pull a gun on his own friends…

… and blow a big gross hole in Gaeta’s leg…

… and all that gets him is a spot on another big secret mission, this time with a time limit…

… to follow Leoben the lying liar to the land of scary Cylon wreckage…

… where his wife gets hurt…

… and he’s not allowed to touch anything…

… and crazy bitches beat his friends to death with tire irons.

So now, despite the fact that shooting Gaeta in the leg was already way over his personal violence quota for the day, he’s gotta choke a bitch…

… and bring out the gun again. Because he wants to shoot the friend-killer…

…but after hearing her tale of torture at the hands of said friend, he also DOESN’T want to shoot her…

… but he doesn’t get a choice.

Now he can shoot some more people…

… but that would just make him sadder.

So he decides no more people are going to die today, only to see a Sharon get shot, and watch everyone shun her, and finally have her die in his arms.

The only thing that could POSSIBLY make his day any worse, would be if some crazy lady lying in a pool of goo told him that he was from Earth…

… and that it’s HIS responsibility not only to tell everyone that he’s one of the final five Cylons, but also to lead them all to a planet he doesn’t remember…

…because following his wife is supposed to get them all killed.

So Sammy’s had the worst day ever, and he could really use a hug.

But unfortunately, his wife is in love with somebody else…

… so there’s nothing for it but to suck it up and keep going.

And that’s why Sam is my favorite.

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2 Responses to Sammy Needs A Hug

Favourite moment from that episode?

Everyone’s all: “Yay, the Final Five are from Earth and they can show us the way!” And Ander’s face is just going: “The eff? I never got that memo.”

That was a fantastic episode! And next week’s the fleet all “HOMG!BASESHIP” Whilst Kara is slapping herself for not sticking her electrical-tape signarture to the bottom. Here’s just hoping Lee figures it out again. Because I miss him.

*hunts down my wee pilotician*

Yeah, that was a great moment. He’s all like, “SHIT, now they extra better not find out I’m a cylon, cause then they’ll expect me to lead them to Earth, which, FYI, I have never been to.”

Does the goo lady hybrid thing remind you of the precog from Minority Report? She’s got kind of an Agatha thing going on with the babbling stuff about the future and lying in goo. Or maybe she’s just on shrooms and she has no idea what she’s talking about.

And while half a base ship is less threatening than a whole one, Galactica’s looking like shit these days so they’re probably going to have themselves a nice little freak-out over it. They’ll argue amongst themselves some more (which I’m actually finding a bit tiresome at this point) and then let it in. Hopefully after that we get some wicked action scenes against Cavell’s lot.

I miss Lee too. I especially miss his bad-ass fighter pilot persona. I was never a fan of the political aspect of the show (except as it pertains to laughable hallicinations from Baltar and cute Adama/Roslin bonding time) so I wasn’t thrilled to see Lee go that route – especially since we barely see him anymore.

Pilotician is a great word. I oppose the piloticiousness of Lee.


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